El trébol de cuatro hojas

El trébol de cuatro hojas

A young Spanish footballer makes his debut for Glasgow Celtic. At the same time, his girlfriend and his best friend have been awarded research grants to study in Scotland, and so the future looks extremely promising for all of them. What they could never have imagined was that their lives were to be shaken by a mystery that had remained unsolved for centuries: an lost enigmatic relic possessing strange powers and a consecrated sect that is in its pursuit. So, while the young footballer goes from success to success, destiny is pulling the strings of the lives of all of them.



Collection Periscopio


ISBN 978-84-236-9078-7


Year of publication: 2008

Pagess: 224

Language: Spanish

EDEBÉ México

Collection Periscopio


ISBN 978-607-9228-21-7


Year of publication: 2013

Pages: 224

Language: Spanish (México).