El secret del guerrer hongarés

El secret del guerrer hongarés

It is late 1306 and Miquel de Rèmcy, a young trainee at the Templar castle of Gardeny, is entrusted to carry out a strange mission. A mission linked to events that occurred more than fifty years ago: the military campaigns against Muslims, the arrival of a Hungarian queen and the need to protect a secret.

What was initially thought to be a simple task, becomes a dangerous adventure that runs through lands belonging to the former Crown of Aragon, from the Segre river to the Kingdom of Valencia, under the constant threat of spies in the service of the King of France.

An entertaining story with a heterogeneous set of characters that will captivate the reader from the very beginning and will transport him to a surprising end.




Collection La Feram


ISBN 978-84-96623-60-6


Year of publication: 2009

Páginas: 208

Language: Catalan-valencian